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Give Your Customers
More Reasons to Come Back

With EasyPoints, implementing a rewards program and encouraging your customers to spend more and more often has never been easier. Reward. Retain. Grow.


Why EasyPoints?

EasyPoints is the first Shopify rewards program tailored specifically for both Japanese business owners and customers. Based off of Japan’s most popular point programs, EasyPoints is as familiar to your customers as it is simple to use.


Your loyal customers are your most valuable ones: on average, they’ll spend 5x more than a new customer. But how do you build a base of loyal customers? According to 77% of consumers, a rewards program alone will bring them back to shop at your store.

How Does It Work?


How Much Is It?


Every business is unique. No matter how big or small your business is,
EasyPoints has a plan that suits your needs.


How Do I Install It?

We’re with you every step of the way! With Lunaris’ assisted setup, we’ll have your rewards program up and running quickly and customized to your exact needs. Get in touch today to start your shop’s loyalty program.



With our assisted setup, we first discuss what the goals of your loyalty program are and how you would like it set up.


Set Up

After your consultation, our development team will integrate EasyPoints with your Shopify store.



After installation, we will explain your new loyalty program and answer any questions you might have.



You’re all set to start rewarding your customers!

Ready to get started?


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