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What is “EasyPoints”?



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Custom App Development

Enhance your store’s functionality with our custom solutions! Lunaris offers advanced customizations to ensure your website provides a great customer experience. Whether you need a new website feature, or just want to integrate one of your favorite apps into your Shopify store, we can help!

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Shopify Store Development

Shopify offers a unique combination of user-friendliness and scalability, giving you the tools you need to grow your business. Whether you’re looking to start a new store or migrate an existing one over to Shopify, Lunaris can offer the support you need to make it a success!

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We know how difficult managing an e-commerce store can be (we have one too!). For as many ups, there will be downs and figuring out the bumps in the road can be tough. Our team of online retail experts can offer assistance, from finding best solutions to staying on top of the newest e-commerce trends, so your online store is never left behind!


About Us


How Lunaris came to be

Solaris Japan launched in 2008, offering Japanese goods to people around the world. As our customer base continued to grow, so too did our list of wishes for our website. We jumped from one e-commerce platform to another, hoping to find one that could suit our needs as e-business owners and those of our online shoppers. 

In 2014, we found our solution. Shopify offered a number of well thought-out features, but most importantly, it offered us an option we had desperately wanted: customization. From then, we began transforming our digital storefront to be exactly what we needed it to be. 

We built a number of custom applications for ourselves. We needed to streamline order fulfillment, so we automated it. We needed to decrease the amount of emails we got about shipping costs, so we automated that too. We had a checklist of things we needed to do, and each check came one after another. 

After a few years, we began to realize how much money and time we were saving with our apps. And we decided we wanted to share what we had built. In 2017, we launched Lunaris: a company dedicated to making Shopify work for business owners everywhere. We’ve done everything from program integration to custom payment gateways. We even helped some stores build their stores from the ground up. 

Today, we offer web development services with our specialty in Shopify. If you need it, we can build it. So, if you're ready, let's turn those bright ideas into innovative solutions.


Our Team

John Rhee



Jacob's love for Japan and e-commerce began when he was just 15 years old. He’s now lived in Japan for over 10 years and has founded a leading online store for Japanese figures. You can usually find him riding his motorcycle, boxing at the gym, or keeping up to date on otaku culture.

Emily Hill



Chika’s introduction to the world of e-commerce came by happenstance, but she’s now a proud co-owner of a successful online business. She spends most of her time looking for ways to optimize revenue, grow and scale her business, or clean the heck out of the office.

Emily Jones



After launching from apprentice to lead programmer in only two years at a German company, Fabian moved to Japan to continue his career. He’s spent the past four years as a professional developer in Japan, and the past few months as a new D&D player and MegaMan speedrunner.

Jacqueline Martinez



Susan’s love of J-Metal was the push that brought her to Tokyo, where she now lives with her two (very cute) cats. And with nearly seven years of experience and numerous projects under her belt, she’s been contributing her programming and headbanging know-how to team Lunaris.

Judith Riccardo



Driven by his passion for music, Adam began learning to code at 14 so he could build his band’s website. Now a graduate of the University of Northampton with a degree in Business, Adam has been a professional developer for over five years (but a professional drummer for much longer).

Nicole Sato



A developer by day and avid gamer by night, Cole has been a member of the Lunaris team for almost two years. After wanderlust struck a second time, Cole moved from Korea to Japan and attended Le Wagon, a coding bootcamp, and hasn’t been able to leave Tokyo since.

Daniel Green



After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, Emi began working with a number of small online businesses in California as a digital marketer. When she isn’t busy reading or writing in her free time, she is probably stopping to pet every dog she sees in the street.

Louis Gupta



Matthieu’s worked as a professional designer across a multitude of industries in both Germany and Japan. His passion for the arts spills into his free time with his night photography grabbing the attention of thousands of Instagram users and major publications including Lomography.



Create a Japan Post label with just a few clicks and without ever leaving Shopify. 



Import shipping rates from Japan Post in a matter of seconds - no manual entries needed.



Customize your COD fees based on an order’s weight or value.



Let’s build your custom solution!

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If your store offers a variety of SKUs, order fulfillment can become a headache. With Lunaris’ custom solutions, your store can simplify and automate the fulfillment process while addressing all of your business’ needs. Whether you need to source inventory, fulfill and ship products, or even send photos to customers, you can do it all without any of the hassle or room for error.

Stress less and sell more!

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One of e-commerce’s biggest struggles is add-on payments. Sometimes customers want to upgrade shipping or add more items to their order. Existing solutions usually mean creating new and disjointed invoices that you have to manually keep track of. With Lunaris’ custom solution, you can easily add additional payments (and payment links) to an existing order with the click of a button! No hassle, no tracking, and no problem!

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